All In Event Services was founded in 2013.  The idea for our company came about when we were planning our own wedding.  In talking with the many vendors, we found it difficult to decipher all of the information provided, and there were always additional hidden fees.  From this frustration, our business model was born.


We know people hate hidden fees, and we do too!  That’s why the prices displayed on our website and print material are the total prices including all applicable taxes.  There will never be any additional or hidden fees!  All In Event Services is a family run business, and we treat you and your guests like how we would want to be treated: with honesty and integrity.


Environmental sustainability is very important to us.  Our daily actions can have a monumental effect on the environment around us, and we take care to ensure we are as green as we can be.  We use LED lighting systems, which use 75% less energy than fluorescent lighting, and 90% less energy than incandescent lighting.  Our sound systems have lower power consumption than most other event sound systems.  We use high efficiency washer and dryer systems to clean our truss covers and chair covers.  We also strive to be 99% paperless: all of our contracts are signed using tablets and all of our forms are filled out electronically.