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Almost every event these days comes with a colour scheme. Whether this is the colours of a company logo or wedding colours, you have put a lot of time into selecting colours that are meaningful to you. Why not dress up your space with your colours using our uplighting?

Uplighting (as demonstrated in the pictures) consists of taking a light and shining it up the wall to create a really cool effect.  When done properly, this effect can help set the mood for your event.

Our Uplighting is a wireless, battery operated solution which means that we don’t have wires running everywhere to take away from the look of your room. Our Uplighting is also computer controlled so when booking it with our DJ we can control the lights to be part of your dance.

Interested in adding this amazing effect to your wedding or event? If so our easy to understand pricing is below.

Headtable & Backdrop $150
Feature Wall $250
Full Room $350

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