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Outdoor Movies


All In Event Services is proud to introduce our newest addition, a Portable Cinema. With our Portable Cinema you can bring the feel of a drive-in movie right to you, in the comfort of your home or yard. Our Portable Cinema is perfect for all types of events, ranging from a backyard birthday party to a video games night on the big screen. No matter what your event is for, this is a one of a kind opportunity to create a lasting memory.


Before we get too in-depth with everything, please take a second to read this. If you are showing a movie in your own back yard for personal use there is NO licensing fee. If you are showing a movie in a public setting (school, random field, city park) even if you’re not charging admission, you NEED TO PAY A LICENSING FEE. This fee is charged by the movie companies and we can not show the movie without the proper License. This fee can range anywhere from $200 – $2000 depending on what your event entails.  We can apply for these licenses on your behalf through ACF & Criterion but we will require additional information from you. We don’t charge extra for applying for this but our regular rental rate will still apply on top of the licensing fee if applicable.


We are happy to announce a rate of $250 for a single showing*. This includes our inflatable screen, Professional Sound System, Projector, DVD/Bluray Player, and a technician to run it all.

* Please note that this is good for a single showing of a movie, calculated at roughly 3 hours of viewing time

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