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Selfie Kiosk

The Easiest Photo Experience

Our Selfie Kiosk is a powerful social sharing machine. It doesn’t offer prints but it does allow your guests to share the picture(s) to social media including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. If someone is not on social media, they can email or text themselves a copy of the picture and at the end of the event, you get a copy of all of the pictures. Contact us today to book us for your event!

Booth with Ipad
How it Works
Our Kiosk takes a photo of your guests or 3 photo’s if you’re at a wedding. It then applies it to a custom branded photo template we build for you. Your guests can then share that picture on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Email.
Easy Pricing

Our pricing is simple, we start with the bare bones and let you add on from there. No gimmick’s, no hidden fee’s, just upfront easy to understand pricing.


Attendant – $30/hr

Prop Box – $30

Mobile Internet – $25



Samples of Photo Frames
Ready to Book?

We understand that you expect more for your events and we would love the opportunity to deliver more! Let's connect via Skype, Facetime, on the phone or even better in person. We want you to experience what Regina's Premier Entertainment company can do for you.

If you would rather talk to a real person give us a call at 306-988-7456! We are available whenever you need so don't be shy about calling!