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Elementary Schools

Unreal Entertainment

Our elementary packages include a sound system that can cater to up to 500 students, and includes a fog machine. We only use clean music to ensure the best experience for your students. Our DJ’s tunes will have the dance floor packed and will work hard to ensure that everyone has a great time.

Our light show includes two moving head lights with at least 5 other effect lights to elevate the party for the kids. It is by far the best light show on the market for elementary schools.

Ready to Book?

We understand that you expect more for your events and we would love the opportunity to deliver more! Let's connect via Skype, Facetime, on the phone or even better in person. We want you to experience what Regina's Premier Entertainment company can do for you.

If you would rather talk to a real person give us a call at 306-988-7456! We are available whenever you need so don't be shy about calling!